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Membership Development Strategies

Do you need a jumpstart on your membership drive this year? Try some of these proven suggestions within your club to freshen up your approach. Remember, every club is different, and it may take a few tries before you find the techniques that fit your club. The most important thing to keep in mind is that every club needs a customized membership plan. Here are some ideas to consider when reviewing your club plan.

Create a Membership Team

Recruiting members requires a consistent effort, so don’t limit the job to one person. Form a membership team to create a clear goal and strategic membership plan. Make sure everyone on the team understands his/her role in the membership cycle. Announce the plan to all members to get everyone involved. Lead by example, the president, the club officers, and the chairs.

Call in the Experts

Get advice from District, Zone or Headquarter levels. Send club members to attend the District membership seminars and get them to report back to the entire club. Download sample plans, brochures, and PowerPoint presentations from the Internet to help you get the message across.

Set Goals and Tasks

Goals provide a unifying purpose for your teams and allow you to monitor your progress. In order to achieve them, you need to create detailed tasks with a timeline. Make tasks very specific and concrete, such as “Create reward program for member referrals”, or “Organize a joint meeting with another local club”. These can be assigned to various members or groups of members, so that membership growth and retention remains a proactive goal.

Think Outside the Box

If your club’s membership drive works well, by all means continue with it. But don’t overlook some additional ideas that can complement your efforts. Here are some tips to kick-start your brainstorming session:

  1. Ask members to put ads on their commercial trucks
  2. Contact all members who have resigned in the past 3 years
  3. Give every member a decal or bumper stickers for their car
  4. Use group email to promote your club to the community
  5. Look for members in ethnic groups not represented in your club
  6. Pamphlets in doctors’ offices, hospitals, cafeterias, libraries, etc.
  7. Put together guest information packets for your visitors and speakers
  8. Honour outstanding community members with the “Community Award for...”
  9. Write letters to the newspaper about the various humanitarian campaigns
  10. Send newsletters to guests and other friends of the club
Article originally appeared in Membership Matters.

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